The World Economic Forum Designates TIAX President Kenan Sahin As Technology Pioneer for 2003

The World Economic Forum announced that Kenan Sahin, President of TIAX LLC, has been selected as one of the world’s 40 Technology Pioneers of 2003.

Technology Pioneers are chief executives of companies that are developing and applying the most innovative and transformational technologies. The cutting-edge work of this dynamic group of companies is at the forefront of change in a variety of technology sectors, according to the World Economic Forum.

Technology Pioneers participate in a special program at the annual Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, which includes a series of interactive sessions on current topics of global interest. Dr. Sahin has been asked to serve as a panelist for “Technology Pioneers: Energy and Life!” that will address trends in biotechnology and new breakthroughs on the energy front. TIAX’s staff, in collaboration with clients, has done pioneering work in energy (particularly fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries), environmental systems, homeland security, medical devices, and food and nutrition.

“It is an honor to have been selected as a member of this distinguished group and to share a platform with some of the most accomplished academics, scientists and entrepreneurs in the world,” said Dr. Sahin. “We at TIAX are committed to developing innovative technologies and assisting our clients commercialize their innovations in a wide range of industries, from energy to healthcare to security, that positively impact the way people work, live and communicate across the globe. This is the tradition established by Arthur Dehon Little in 1886, which we are proudly carrying forward into this century.”

Dr. Sahin added, “There has been an explosion in the rate of innovations created, but the rate of conversion to successful implementation is much smaller, creating an ever-growing backlog of innovations. The World Economic Forum, by bringing industry, academia, and technologists together can significantly enhance innovation implementations and benefit the world economy and social wellbeing.” TIAX itself specializes in helping innovations get successfully commercialized by working closely with innovators and implementers.

In line with the Forum’s commitment to improving the state of the world, the Technology Pioneers program was established in 2000 to provide a new perspective on technological change. By bringing these chief executives together with scientists, academics, NGOs, and Forum members and partners, the Forum hopes to shed new light on how technology can be used to stimulate medical breakthroughs, create economic growth, and enhance global communication.

The Forum will also engage these entrepreneurs in dialogue on important global issues such as ethics, privacy, and bridging the digital divide.

Each year Technology Pioneers are nominated by members, constituents and collaborators of the World Economic Forum. The criteria for selection include:

  • Innovation. The company must be truly innovative. A new version or repackaging of an already well-accepted technological solution does not qualify as an innovation. The innovation should be recent – not more than two years old. The company should invest significantly in R&D.
  • Potential Impact. This company must have the potential to have a substantial long-term impact on business and society in the future.
  • Growth and Sustainability. The company should have all the signs of a long-term market leader and should have well-formulated plans for future development and growth.
  • Proof of Concept. The company must have a product on the market or have proven practical applications of their technology. Companies in “stealth” mode and companies with untested ideas or models will not qualify.
  • Leadership. The company must have visionary leadership that plays a critical role in driving the company towards reaching its goals.
  • Status. The company must not currently be a Member of the World Economic Forum. This criterion applies to the parent company – thus wholly-owned subsidiaries of large firms are not eligible.

Nominees are evaluated by an external review committee comprised of technology experts with respect to the criteria above.

The uniqueness of the Technology Pioneer network ensures that key entrepreneurs are engaged in an integrated and interdisciplinary way, drawing on the diversity, creativity and dynamism of each individual. The Technology Pioneers community will provide the Forum and its members with in-depth knowledge of some of the key technology issues facing society.