TIAX President Participates in CEO Roundtable on the Future of Research & Development

Event hosted by R&D Magazine brings together top 15 independent research organizations.

Dr. Kenan E. Sahin, President of TIAX, recently participated in a CEO roundtable of the top independent research organizations in the country. Hosted by R&D Magazine, the event examined how research partnerships are forged and how the nature of these partnerships has changed in today’s business environment.

“Independent research organizations have a unique opportunity in this marketplace to help academic organizations make the conversion from innovation to implementation,” said Sahin. “Because academia is heavy on research but light on development, there exists a backlog of innovations in labs across the country. These innovations are like perishable goods, they have a limited shelf life.”

According to Sahin, companies like TIAX, have the ability to transition an idea from the research stage to development to deployment by industry. Sahin also proposed the idea of encouraging innovation around certain themes in the marketplace, such as the Internet or security, to precipitate demand.

“Policy makers should articulate themes that will help set a focused agenda for research and development,” Sahin added.

This meeting was the fourth annual CEO Roundtable hosted by R&D Magazine. Fifteen research firms were invited to participate, including TIAX, Air Force Research Laboratory, Argonne National Lab, Battelle, Electric Power Research Institute, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NASA Glenn Research Center, NASA Langley Research Center, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Sandia National Laboratories, Sarnoff Corporation, Southwest Research Institute, SRI International, and the University of Dayton Research Institute.

“The nature of partnering has changed in recent years, due to a number of factors including the downturn in the economy and the evolution of industrial R & D,” said Tim Studt, editor of R&D Magazine. “Each year, we bring together leaders in independent R&D such as TIAX to explore the trends in research and the techniques that will bring about the most successful partnerships.”