TIAX Releases Analysis of Fuel Cell Vehicles at International Seminar

DOE-sponsored study evaluates the risks and benefits of converting to fuel cell vehicles and makes recommendations on government and industry action.

Experts from TIAX will release their analysis of the viability of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at the 2002 Fuel Cell Seminar in Palm Springs from November 18 – 21.

The analysis was conducted under contract with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Advanced Transportation Technologies to evaluate the long-term benefits, risks, and costs of implementing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. TIAX examined a wide range of other fuel and vehicle combinations as part of the analysis.

“The advantage of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is considerable when you look at the long-term benefits such as the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and energy savings,” said Johannes Thijssen, a Director at TIAX who led the DOE study. “However, we cannot discount that there will be considerable costs associated with the conversion to a hydrogen economy with fuel cell vehicles. Our study fully examines the costs versus risks and makes recommendations on how government and industry can help lead the transition.”

Thijssen is one of several TIAX experts who will present at the seminar, which will be attended by experts in fuel cell technology from across the globe. Other presentations by TIAX will focus on options for hydrogen-fueled fuel cells and fuel cell stack optimization.

The theme of the 2002 Fuel Cell Seminar, “Fuel Cells – Reliable, Clean Energy for the World,” reflects the impact that fuel cell technology will have in meeting global energy and environmental needs. The conference will kick off with a plenary session featuring a panel of experts who will describe near-term plans to deploy fuel cells in many applications – portable electronic devices, distributed generation and transportation.

TIAX works with clients on the development and implementation of new technologies and products across a wide cross-section of industries, including the energy industry. As part of their focus on the energy sector, the company works in conjunction with the U.S. government and various commercial organizations to assess and analyze fuel cell development, examine the benefits of fuel cell use, explore the costs associated with fuel cell technology and investigate the proposed manufacturing and utilization of fuel cells.

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