TIAX Awarded Contract To Improve Hot Food Delivery System For U.S. Soldiers

Enhanced container will help Army’s effort to provide hot meals to soldiers in combat.

TIAX has been selected by the U.S. Soldier Systems Center in Natick, MA to reduce the weight and volume and improve the thermal capabilities of the Insulated Food Containers (IFC) employed by the U.S. Army to deliver hot meals to soldiers in remote locations. The contract is one of a number of military related projects recently awarded to TIAX through the Department of Defense’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

The U.S. Army has a long-standing policy to provide hot meals to soldiers in the field, and the use of insulated containers dates back to World War II. The current feeding standard is three quality meals per day, including at least one hot cook-prepared meal whenever practical. Presently, the Army uses commercial IFCs and while these have proven to be rugged and thermally effective, they are logistically burdensome because the insulating containers are significantly larger and heavier than the food they carry.

A team of TIAX experts will redesign the container, making it less cumbersome for soldiers by reducing the deployed and stored volume of the container. In addition, TIAX will develop and line the container with advanced high performance insulation capable of exceeding the Army’s current thermal performance requirements.

“At times such as these, we are reminded of the many sacrifices our servicemen and women make every day,” said John Dieckmann of TIAX, the Principal Investigator on the project. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work on a project that will improve the food delivery system and assist the Army in continuing its efforts in providing for our soldiers.”