TIAX Awarded Contracts To Explore New Technologies for Army

TIAX awarded contracts to explore new technologies for Army — includes military transportation, refrigeration units, and communication systems.

TIAX, a leading collaborative product and technology development and consulting firm, has been awarded several contracts by the U.S. Department of Defense Small Business Innovation Research program to explore technological improvements for equipment the Army uses in combat.

The contracts awarded include:

  • A project to investigate suspension designs for military four-wheel drive vehicles that would be powered by electric motors mounted at each wheel. This design would eliminate the need for axles, which can limit the range of motion of vehicles.
  • A study to determine how TIAX technology can be applied to the Army’s Environmental Control Units to allow the efficient use of CO2 refrigerant. Substituting CO2 for conventional refrigerants can lessen environmental impact and reduce the unit weight, which improves logistics.
  • A project, in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, to demonstrate the technical feasibility of new optical data storage that can provide storage density more than 100 times greater than the current optical technology without sacrificing access time. This new technology could allow for dramatic advances in data storage solutions that are critical for next-generation warfare.

“Recent world events have shown the importance of our armed forces being outfitted with the most technologically advanced equipment available,” said TIAX President Kenan Sahin. “At TIAX we greatly value our continued relationship with the Army and Department of Defense and are privileged to work with them to develop innovative products and technologies that will directly impact the work of our armed forces.”