TIAX Awarded Contracts to Create Innovative Medical Devices for U.S. Army

Development of novel medical technologies to provide life-saving medical assistance for soldiers in combat.

TIAX today announced it has been awarded two contracts by the U.S. Department of Defense Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to devise life-saving medical devices to be used on the battlefield. The devices, a re-usable intraosseous infusion device and a portable blood pack, will allow battlefield medics to provide a higher level of critical care to soldiers in the field.

“We are delighted to be working with the Army and Department of Defense to develop medical devices that will provide our soldiers in combat with the highest level of critical care possible,” said Kenan Sahin, president of TIAX. “In addition to aiding our troops, these devices could be used by other professions, including emergency medical technicians and public safety officials, to ensure that the public also has the most advanced medical technologies available.”

The projects include:

  • Re-Usable Intraosseous Infusion DeviceĀ - Intraosseous infusion (an infusion directly into the marrow cavity of the human bone) is a rapid, reliable method used to achieve access to the vascular system and infuse critical resuscitation fluids when a traditional IV cannot be administered. TIAX will develop a compact, portable device to allow battlefield medics to administer intraosseous infusions to soldiers who have suffered severe burns or other injuries that prevent access to veins.

    Unlike current intraosseous infusion products, TIAX’s device will contain multiple needles so it can be used several times, as well as a bone-boring needle, handle/driver, and depth control system. The device will eliminate the logistical requirements associated with battery operated devices and will function regardless of storage time or energy requirements.Although the device is being developed for specific use by battlefield medics, it could be commercialized for use by emergency medical technicians, emergency room personnel, and medical practitioners working in trauma units.

  • Medic Blood PackĀ - Nearly 90% of combat deaths occur on the battlefield before the wounded person reaches a medical facility for treatment. TIAX will develop a lightweight mobile storage container that will be used by Army medics to transport blood, during extreme battlefield conditions, to soldiers who need life-saving blood transfusions. The ability to transfuse blood in the field, before an injured soldier can be evacuated, will enhance both field medical treatment and increase the survivability of wounded soldiers before an evacuation can take place.The current container used to transport and store human Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBCs) in the battlefield is too heavy for one soldier to carry for large distances or long periods of time. The design of the new Medic Blood Pack will be considerably smaller and lighter than the existing container, allowing for easy transport by a single soldier. The pack will have the capability to hold five or six units of PRBCs, while keeping each unit at the desired temperature for 48 to 72 hours, under the most extreme conditions.

    The key to TIAX’s approach is the use of new, advanced, insulating materials in conjunction with specially designed chemical “ice-packs” to create a rugged thin-walled, insulated container that does not require ice, an external power source or batteries. Another key element to the approach will be to incorporate TIAX’s human factors and industrial design experience to ensure ease of use and to mitigate fatigue on the soldier during transport.

Over the past year TIAX has been awarded 13 contracts from the SBIR program.