TIAX Awarded Air Force Contract to Create Enhanced Flight Suit for Aircrew Members

Development of a new, lightweight flightsuit that optimizes safety and mobility for Air Force personnel.

TIAX today announced it has been awarded a contract by the United States Air Force to develop a new, lightweight flight suit that optimizes the safety and mobility of Air Force personnel by integrating protective layers. The $750,000 Phase II contract was awarded to TIAX through the Air Force’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

Currently aircrew members are required to wear multiple layers of equipment that mitigate specific hazards, such as fire, cold-water immersion, or acceleration, and also allow for the storage of survival equipment. The bulk of such equipment, combined with the confined aircraft space, often leads to heat stress and reduced mobility for aircrew. TIAX plans to leverage advanced materials technologies and novel design elements to develop a prototype that reduces the weight and bulk of equipment, while at the same time ensuring that aircrew members are protected and can maintain required performance and mobility.

“It is always an honor for our company to work with the Department of Defense on projects that have the potential to further the safety and performance of our military personnel,” said Kenan Sahin, President of TIAX. “Particularly at this time when our military personnel face very real threats in the field, it is critical for them to have the most technologically advanced gear that not only improves their capabilities, but also enhances their overall mobility and safety.”