Portable Power 2005 Issues Call for Papers

Announcing Call for Papers for Portable Power 2005.

TIAX LLC today issued a call for papers for the upcoming Portable Power 2005 conference. The conference will take place September 18-21, 2005 in San Francisco, California.

In its eleventh year, Portable Power 2005 is the premier industry event for designers, developers and manufacturers of power supply systems, batteries, software, and microelectronics. The event, which is being chaired by Dr. Brian Barnett of TIAX, brings the industry together to address all aspects of power and its impact on wireless, electronic devices. This year, Portable Power will explore the unique power issues of handheld business and consumer devices, as well as battery and power technologies that make these small devices possible.


TIAX LLC has issued a call for papers for the upcoming Portable Power 2005. All those interested in presenting a conference session or tutorial at Portable Power are invited to submit an abstract for consideration.


The deadline for submission is April 29, 2005.

HOW: Specific topics being considered for Portable Power 2005 include:

  • VoIP
  • Global supply chain
  • Counter-measures to battery counterfeiting
  • Novel power management technologies
  • New power sources, including batteries and portable fuel cells
  • Wide area data services/WIMAX
  • Outlook for solid-state memory versus spinning hard drives
  • Non-voice applications for cellphones
  • Emerging applications for non-cell/non-computer
  • Retail perspectives on the voice-of-customer
  • Digital lifestyle

For information on topics for Portable Power 2005 or to register to attend, visit the conference website.

Portable Power 2005 is the leading international event devoted to the discussion and advancement of technologies to power the wireless communications, mobile computing and digital A/V devices that are critical to the information technology age.