TIAX Licenses High-Performance Cathode Material to CVRD Inco for Portable Power Applications

TIAX has licensed its high-performance cathode material to CVRD Inco for Portable Power Applications.

TIAX, a leader in clean energy, chemicals, and appliance technologies, announced today that it has granted an exclusive license covering its high-energy, high-performance cathode material to CVRD Inco Limited for use in portable power applications. CVRD Inco is part of one of the world’s top diversified mining companies and a leading producer of nickel.

New Technology Overcomes Safety Issues of Lithium Nickelate to Offer Increased Battery Runtime in Laptops, Cellular Phones, and Other Consumer Electronics

The TIAX cathode is a lithium-nickel material that achieves 40 percent higher capacity than the current industry standard cathode material used in lithium-ion batteries. TIAX has manipulated the crystal structure of lithium-nickel to deliver superior capacity, excellent safety, long cycle life, and high performance over a broad range of power and temperature.

“This agreement with CVRD Inco is the result of a major technology development effort at TIAX and a significant contract for our company,” said TIAX CEO and Founder, Kenan Sahin. “Consumer demand for smaller and lighter portable products has created a clear need for improved batteries, and CVRD Inco, with its well deserved reputation in the battery industry, is a great partner to help bring this technology to market.”

The TIAX lithium-nickel cathode material represents a critical breakthrough in battery technology. The nickelate class of lithium-ion materials has long held the promise of significant benefits in energy and power, but until now, the associated safety risks have made these materials inappropriate for consumer applications.

During a multi-year, multi-million dollar development effort, TIAX adapted quantum mechanical modeling techniques to stabilize the lithium-nickel crystal structure. As a result, the TIAX cathode material has an excellent safety profile, making it possible for consumers to access the performance benefits of this class of materials for the first time.

“We are pleased to commercialize TIAX’s new material technology using our process and marketing expertise and to offer battery industry customers a new standard for combined performance and safety,” said Peter Goudie, Executive Vice President, Marketing of CVRD Inco.

The specific terms of the agreement were not made public. TIAX is one of the largest independent R&D centers for lithium-ion batteries and will continue to work closely with CVRD Inco to support its product development activities. TIAX will also continue development of next-generation nickel-class cathode materials.

In addition to portable applications, TIAX has adapted its material for implementation in the hybrid electric vehicle market where high power capability, high energy density, excellent safety, and long cycle life are important. TIAX has begun marketing licenses to its material for automotive applications.

About CVRD Inco:

CVRD Inco is a leading producer of nickel and nickel specialty products and an important producer of copper, cobalt and precious metals. Based in Toronto, Canada, CVRD Inco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (“CVRD”) (NYSE: RIO), the world’s second-largest mining company by market capitalization. CVRD Inco has over 12,000 employees worldwide and had net sales of over US$8 billion in 2006. CVRD Inco is committed to the pursuit of sustainable growth by operating with respect for the natural environment and being an ethically and socially responsible company. phones, and other consumer electronics.