TIAX to work with DOE on Energy-Efficient Building Technologies

In January 2009, TIAX was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy for a multi-year, multi-million-dollar award to support building technologies, especially in the area of energy efficiency.

Two tasks that TIAX is working on currently are: continuing authorship of the “Emerging Technologies” column in the ASHRAE Journal, and assessing commercial miscellaneous electric loads (C-MELs). Miscellaneous electric loads result from electrical devices that are not responsible for space heating, cooling, water heating, or lighting. In commercial buildings, they typically include a diverse collection of equipment, such as computer and office equipment, elevators and escalators, commercial coffee machines, medical equipment, and many others. C-MELs can account for up to about 20 percent of the commercial electricity load. Under this contract, TIAX will work with the DOE and the DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory on a wide variety of subjects related to energy efficiency in building technology.