TIAX participates in LED Lightening Executive Roundtable Meeting at the Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE)

TIAX participated in the executive roundtable meeting and discussion on “Fast-Tracking Widespread Adoption of LED Lighting” at the Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE), UCSB, February 9, 2010.

TIAX staff member Rob Fricke joined a group of professionals from industry and academia gathered to discuss opportunities, barriers, and technologies for facilitating widespread adoption of solid state (light emitting diode, or LED) lighting in the United States. After the workshop, notes were gathered and edited with comments from the participants to produce a report summarizing the findings.  Read the UCSB LED Workshop White Paper summarizing the findings of the one-day workshop.

Lighting consumes almost 20% of the electricity used in buildings in the U.S., and much of the energy goes to waste heat. LED lighting offers the promise of significantly improved lighting efficiency, but there are technical, economic, political, regulatory, and cultural barriers to adoption. During the workshop these issues were explored with a public forum held at the end of the day.