Why Use TIAX

We offer technology-enabled product platforms that have been demonstrated to work and are ready for spin-out.

Our technologies are:

  • De-risked
  • IP Protected
  • Commercialization Ready


  • Accelerated Organic Growth
  • Shortened Time to Market & Profitability
  • Lower Risk & Cost

Technology acquisition

During the hand-off, we provide the skilled workforce and relevant know-how to assure successful transformation of the required technology into your product portfolio and environment. We are available only as long as needed.

We are an excellent cost-effective alternative to straight licensing, risky internal development programs, and complex company acquisitions, which can be dilutive and lead to cultural clashes.

We have invested in dozens of technology platforms that help companies get new products to market faster with reduced technological and financial risk. With TIAX, companies jumpstart new business opportunities and offer premium, market-differentiating functions within their product line.