Fuel & Vehicle Life Cycle Analysis

TIAX California assesses the energy consumption and emissions of complete fuel pathways.

We work with regulatory agencies and clients that supply advanced, renewable, and alternative fuels in examining the full fuel cycle impacts of fuels and vehicles. In the current emissions- and energy-constrained market, policies have established the need to examine both upstream and downstream impacts; these impacts are rigorously captured in our life cycle analyses. We compare the technical, economic, and environmental advantages of alternative and conventional fuels and offer guidance on policies such as the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2), supporting the commercialization of fuels and processes within regulatory and market frameworks.

Examples of clients for whom TIAX California has performed Fuel & Vehicle Life Cycle Analysis work:

  • Assisted the California Energy Commission in developing the AB 1007 State Alternative Fuels Plan by using life cycle analyses of key fuels and technologies
  • Created state-customized versions of the GREET model, which are being used by the States of Oregon and Washington to develop alternative fuel policies
  • Assessed the carbon intensity of the KiOR renewable gasoline and diesel fuels from biomass feedstocks, establishing its eligibility as a cellulosic biofuel
  • Conducted a techno-economic analysis for the Northeast States Center for a Clean Air Future to examine the full fuel cycle costs of 23 fuel pathways


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