Expander for CO2 Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps

TIAX offers a patented energy-recovery, CO2 expander technology.

The design is optimized for capacities between one and 50 tons and incorporates patented design features that hold close clearance between the two scroll parts, while also managing bearing loads with minimum friction losses. The technology can be integrated into a compressor to create a complete, compact system that offers both environmental and economic benefits.

Technology Improves Efficiency by 25%

Based on the pioneering principles our team first applied in commercializing scroll compressors for air conditioning applications, our technology has demonstrated increases in the efficiency of CO2 – based systems by 25%.


  • Maximizes energy savings.
  • Minimizes needs and costs associated with refrigerant recovery.
  • Meets regulatory requirements.
  • Enables instant heat.
  • Operates with high reliability.
  • Integrates easily with compressors.
  • Eliminates valves for simplicity and cost.

Applicable markets include:

  • Supermarket refrigeration, automotive air conditioning systems.
  • Window air conditioners and mini-splits using 1 to 2 ton rotary compressors.
  • Central air conditioning systems using 1.5 to 5.5 ton scroll and reciprocating compressors.
  • Commercial air conditioning and refrigeration applications using large-capacity compressors.


This technology can also be optimized to work with belt- and shaft-driven compressors suitable for military vehicle air conditioning systems. The CO2 expander is particularly effective in increasing cycle efficiency at the high ambient temperatures specified by the military, reducing the power required by as much as 40% compared to a CO2 system without an expander.


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