Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

TIAX has developed and patented a hybrid heat pump water heater.

The heat pump water heater reduces electricity consumption by as much as 60%, while also addressing the cost, installation requirements, and reliability levels demanded by the U.S. market.


  • Air-Sourced: Leverages novel air-source, heat-pump technology.
  • High Energy Efficiency: Uses 40% to 60% less electricity than electric-resistance water heaters, allowing it to exceed ENERGY STAR requirements.
  • Easy Implementation: Installs as easily as conventional electric water heaters.
  • Low Cost: Costs significantly less to manufacture in high volume than current heat-pump water heater designs.
  • Reliability: Provides reliable performance at all times.
  • Dehumidification Control: Offers dedicated dehumidification feature for basement installations.


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