High-Turndown Compact Burner

TIAX’s gas burner for ranges and cooktops offers premium, high turndown performance, a sleek profile, and lower cost than comparable designs.

High turndown means that the same burner can be used on high to quickly boil a large pot or on low to simmer.  Comparable designs are more costly and bulky as they require multiple burners in a stacked or concentric design.  TIAX’s burner offers twice the turndown ratio (20:1) of a non-premium burner (10:1) at similar cost.

The TIAX burner uses novel materials that were originally developed for advanced energy systems. The patented burner forces gas through a stainless steel foam ring which stabilizes the flame at low power and results in a higher turndown ratio.


  • High turndown ratio (can boil on high power and simmer on low power with the same burner).
  • Enhanced fuel-air mixing enables a stable flame at lower power than conventional burner4s.
  • One burner assembly for most industry-standard burner sizes (6,000, 9,000, 12,000 and 15,000 BTU per hour).
  • Simple construction, minimum parts, and high reliability.
  • Low profile and small size offers more design flexibility for commercial and residential cooktops.


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