Quick Chill

TIAX’s Quick Chill technology can chill beverages from room to serving temperature within minutes instead of hours. 

Quick Chill can be used in the home, in a bar or pub, as well as a retail point-of-sale such as a liquor/convenience store or fast food drive-through.

For home use, cold air is used as the coolant because safety is more important than a short chill time.  Using cold air, one can chill a can or bottle of beer or soft drinks in about 3 ½ minutes.  Compare that time to 30 minutes in a freezer or 3-5 hours in a refrigerator.  The appliance can fit on a countertop, under cupboards.

For uses outside the home, other coolants such as liquid nitrogen can be used.  Using liquid nitrogen reduces the chill time to less than one minute.


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