Recuperative Dehumidifier

TIAX’s recuperative dehumidifier is an add-on module for air conditioners.

The recuperative dehumidifier reduces the energy required to control humidity in mid-temperature (70°F to 90°F) /high-humidity environments (like high-humidity summer days and the shoulder seasons in the American Southeast).

TIAX has developed and applied for patents on an HVAC technology that addresses the trade-offs among comfort, indoor air quality, energy efficiency and cost that have long troubled HVAC systems. The technology allows cost-effective, unitary HVAC systems to deliver improved dehumidification (i.e., latent heat capacity and energy efficiency), enabling high ventilation rates independent of the needed level of space cooling (i.e., sensible heat load), and providing high air quality at acceptable humidity levels under all operating conditions.


  • Low Capital Cost: Twice as much latent capacity as industry-standard equipment with the same compressor capacity.
  • Low Operating Cost: Twice the energy efficiency in moisture removal.
  • Rapid Implementation: Uses low-cost standard AC system components and manufacturing techniques.
  • Full Sensible Heat Ration (SHR) Range: SHR can be reduced to zero when used with some hot gas reheat.
  • Control: Pre-cool/reheat can be turned off when additional latent capacity is not needed.


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