Brain Monitoring Technologies

TIAX, in collaboration with Brain Power, LLC, is developing brain-monitoring solutions that integrate with Google Glass and other wearables, to help you live a brain optimized life™

We Are in the Era of the Brain

Neuroscientists have made great strides in understanding how our brains work. However, there is a gap in translating these fundamental discoveries into actionable information such as how to improve your memory, get better sleep, and rapidly learn new information; or how to predict negative events like bad headaches or seizures.

Similarly, there are few options to quantitatively measure your alertness, mood, readiness to learn, stress, situational awareness, or fitness to make an important decision — when they fluctuate on a daily basis or because of injury or disease.

We are building solutions accessible by regular consumers that empower you to measure your brain states and take full control of your life. In a sense they are like heart rate monitors, but for the brain, and with sophisticated hardware and apps based in neuroscience innovations at Harvard and MIT. Our toolset will act as a Cognitive Companion™, to give you superior control and insight over your world.

Additionally, because brain signals can be interpreted by computerized learning algorithms as command signals, you will eventually be able to control your devices directly with your thoughts, not just by pressing buttons or speaking commands out loud.


Integration with Google Glass

TIAX and Brain Power, LLC, have extensive experience with portable brain monitoring, including military projects over a decade ago to design wearable systems and algorithms to predict and prevent cognitive overload states in soldiers and cricital workers.

However, at that time there were no smart wearables, and no widely-adopted portable devices and standards to seamlessly broadcast data and process them in the cloud. It is natural now to integrate our solutions with an installed base of smart devices that are already part of the connected world. Google Glass is the most natural and exciting target because it lives on the head where the most important signals are, it can empower the wearer and sense the world through his or her eyes, it inherits the information and computing power and mission of Google, and its screen and earpiece allows the wearer to receive the information and feedback that our systems provide.

We began developing hardware and software for Google Glass when it was first offered to invited developers (“explorers”), in summer 2013. We have gained deep expertise in Glass development, have developed ways to ruggedize and adapt it for assistive and military use, and are closely integrating our suite of brain monitoring tools. At the same time, we design our tools to be platform-independent, to port to any successors to Glass.


Use Cases and Markets:

  • Assistive:
    • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
    • Autism
    • Epilepsy
    • Paralysis
    • Migraine
  • Enhancement:
    • Memory Augmentation
    • Peak Performance
    • Team Efficiency
    • Optimizing Your Workday
    • Customized Learning in Early Life and School
    • Personal Cognitive Enhancement



We are developing these solutions in collaboration with Brain Power, LLC.



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