Magnetic Sensors

TIAX has developed a compact, integrated sensor platform that combines TIAX’s magnetometer technology with the latest in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) inertial sensors to provide highly accurate orientation data in the presence of hard and soft iron.

The potential applications for such precise directional information are numerous and significant: providing input to navigation systems when GPS is unavailable; tracking human body motions interfacing with virtual environments; locating targets from a standoff distance; facilitating control of articulated payload systems in autonomous robotics and next-generation prosthetics; and enabling accurate mapping of the boreholes created by tracking oil and gas drillheads.

Our technology platform offers:

  • Complete three-axis orientation (heading, pitch, roll), plus temperature and acceleration.
  • Exceptional accuracy that is insensitive to changes in latitude.
  • Proprietary auto-compensation for hard and soft iron.
  • Excellent stability over time and temperature.
  • Compact size and weight.
  • Low power draw, for long battery life in portable applications.

One important and already-commercialized embodiment of our flux sensor based platform is a heading sensor for underwater applications where GPS is not available. TIAX’s heading sensors are the most accurate in the world for their size and are available for sales to the general public subject to U.S. Export Control Regulations. For more information, please refer to our Pricelist.

Another embodiment is torque sensing in automotive applications, which has traditional proven difficult and costly. TIAX’s solution is non-intrusive, low-cost and useful in improving the fuel efficiency of cars. Our torque sensor has entered field trials.

The third embodiment is our high temperature borehole sensor for use in drill-heads that might go as deep as a mile or more, where knowing the position of the drill head is critical. Tiax’s borehole sensor technology is at the advanced prototype stage.