Wearable Sensors & Biometrics

In collaboration with Brain Power, LLC, TIAX is developing novel wearable sensors, as well as algorithms to derive vital signs and biosignatures.

Wearable Sensors & Systems

Today’s consumers are buying personal tracking devices in droves, athletes are quantifying every movement, home health and assistive devices are proliferating and being reimbursed, and clinical trials are expected to include many additional measures. In short, there is a vast and growing demand for physiological monitoring.

However, physiological sensors are traditionally large, uncomfortable, unsightly, rigid, power-hungry, tethered by cumbersome wires, and degraded by movement and sweat.

TIAX is developing and commercializing unobtrusive and inexpensive monitoring solutions that can be worn comfortably on the body, by integrating several innovations:

  • Ultra-thin electrodes that conform to the body
  • Electrodes that attach comfortably without adhesives or gels
  • Methods to reduce electrical noise and resist motion artifacts
  • A low-power system to connect multiple sensors wirelessly, while preventing unwanted data snooping
  • A method to learn the relative and absolute positions of sensors on the body, autonomously
  • A cost-reduction method to share data-acquisition circuitry across a network of sensors
  • Advanced power storage and delivery methods

Your organization can license our solutions to integrate with your products, and/or contract us to customize them to your needs.

Algorithms for Physiological State

The most valuable information about the body comes not from any one measure (such as heart rate) but from a constellation of measures combined elegantly. Accordingly, we are developing:

  • Sensor-fusion methods to combine many streams of physiological data
  • Algorithms to transform the fused data into metrics (e.g., sleepiness, motor acuity, readiness to learn)
  • A method to extract heart rate variability without cumbersome electrodes
  • Fault-tolerant algorithms that yield the desired metric even if one or more sensors stops working
  • Learning algorithms to mine large databases of physiological data and uncover complex or unexpected patterns.

Algorithms for Biosignatures & Authentication

Your fingerprints and DNA are not the only unique things about you. Every aspect of your physiology can become a biosignature. We aim to keep people safe and secure by using physiological signatures to assure that no one can impersonate you, and that wrongdoers can be identified by tell-tale signs they cannot hide.

Use Cases

Our physiological monitoring solutions add value in an array of use cases, such as:

  • Remote triage
  • Hospital and home-health monitoring of vital signs
  • Athletic training
  • Military applications
  • Personal identification
  • Login and authentication
  • Security screening by biosignature
  • Clinical trials
  • Immersive video games
  • Personal enhancement
  • Quantified self


We are developing these solutions in collaboration with Brain Power, LLC.