Smart Helmet Pads

Drawing on deep expertise in human-factors engineering, performance and safety, and neural monitoring, TIAX has developed an advanced helmet pad that affords greater protection, with plans for a smart, instrumented version.

In sports and professional activities, current protective helmets still lead to injuries upon impact.  TIAX has matured early stage technologies into superior helmet pads which are now use-ready.  Currently, trials are underway for a class of helmets that provide better protection, while also being lower in weight and thus providing greater comfort. Applications for military settings as well as professional and amateur sports are under way.

Injuries can result from single large events or accumulations of smaller impacts, yet equipment to monitor this is scarce, expensive and cumbersome. Additionally, sports and military programs have called for ongoing, remote monitoring of brain state and wellness. TIAX’s plans include “smart” instrumented helmet pads that monitor the severity of individual impacts, as well as the wearer’s moment-by-moment mental states, alertness, and readiness for the task at hand.