Expander for CO2 – Based Air Conditioning

TIAX offers a patented energy-recovery, CO2 expander technology.

As environmentally-harmful refrigerants for automotive air conditioning become outlawed, many companies are looking at CO2 as an alternative refrigerant. TIAX’s CO2 Expander enables air conditioning systems to use CO2 without the efficiency loss characteristic of CO2-based systems.

Based on decades of TIAX’s pioneering work in scroll compressors, TIAX’s expander technology is 25 per cent more efficient than an air conditioner without an expander.



  • Maximizes energy savings.
  • Minimizes needs and costs associated with refrigerant recovery.
  • Meets regulatory requirements.
  • Operates with high reliability.
  • Integrates easily with compressors.
  • Eliminates valves for simplicity and cost.


The TIAX Expander is particularly effective when vehicles are driven in hot climates. Military vehicles have to operate up to 140°F ambient temperature. At that temperature, air conditioners with a TIAX expander can be as much as 40 per cent more efficient than without an expander.


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