Welcome IDEA16!

Welcome INDA! BOSTON is the 2016 venue for IDEA16, the International Engineered Fabrics Conference & Exposition May 2-5, 2016.

TIAX’s technical development teams have long been working on the issues that matter to the engineered fabrics industry. We have a successful track record of developing materials-enabled products and technologies that meet near-term needs in fast growing end-use markets and applications, such as household and personal care products and functional clothing and textiles.

TIAX works across the engineered fabrics value chain, from materials and ingredients through to end-use applications. The result of our work: value-add and market impact for our clients.

Our many commercial and government clients have made TIAX their innovation partner to meet critical market and end-use needs. For a no-obligation consultation regarding how TIAX can help you with your needs, feel free to contact us.