How We Work

TIAX takes early stage inventions and innovations, and transforms them in our labs into technology-enabled product platforms ready for spin-out.

What We Offer

TIAX takes early stage inventions and innovations, and processes them in our labs into product platforms that are technology-enabled, IP-protected, and substantially de-risked. The platforms that result from our technology processing services are market-ready: for sale, license, spin-out, or joint ventures.

We address markets where our unique expertise and facilities allow us to make a large impact, and select technologies that can be processed in a timely manner to anticipate and meet customer needs.

Currently, we focus on:

  • Functional WearablesWhere demand is soaring, especially in wearables and performance augmentation
  • Functional CoatingsWith vast applications potential in energy efficiency, process and material substitution, and environmental durability

While these areas appear diverse they are unified and complementary for our team of engineers and scientists, as well as our labs and facilities.

Doing business with us

If your business is seeking growth by acquiring technology-enabled products, you can acquire one of TIAX’s technology platforms.

We invest in dozens of technology platforms that help companies get new products to market faster with reduced technological and financial risk. With TIAX, your company can jumpstart new business opportunities and offer premium, market-differentiating functions within your product lines.

When you acquire a technology from TIAX, we provide the skilled workforce and relevant expertise to integrate it into your product portfolio and environment. We are involved only as long as needed.

We are an excellent, cost-effective alternative to straight licensing, and to risky, drawn-out internal development programs. Using TIAX to acquire just the technology can be superior to acquiring an entire company since that can require complex disclosures and can be dilutive. The staff of an acquired company can also clash with your culture and eventually leave, ultimately leaving the naked technology behind with no one who knows how to integrate it. Why not start by acquiring technology-based products, and use TIAX’s expert integration teams only as needed?

TIAX actively participates in the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program and is noted for its high quality Phase I and Phase II wins and for its commercialization success in the SBIR community through Phase III awards. We are well equipped to deal with government contract requirements, frequently interface with audit agencies and have a full Earned Value System in house. Our excellent record now spans a dozen years.